Friday, January 25, 2013

Chicken Mission

I came into work the other day and found some pictures with a note "I want these chickens" from one of my co-workers.  Luckily the picture was clear enough for me to count out the stitches to try to make her this chicken since I could not find the pattern on the internet.  The other two pictures that were attached I was able to find patterns for to make them.  Her kitchen colors are apple green, apple red and country yellow.  

While watching The Hunger Games last night I got started on my chicken mission project.  I normally crochet very tight but I had to make sure that I stayed loose on this little guy other wise he would have been a very tight mess.  So by the end of the movie here is what I completed.

Just have to figure out the head and then the placement of the shells around to finish off the chicken.  Have to look up how to do a french knot to make the eye.  It has been forever so I just need to refresh myself.  Will keep you updated on the chicken mission.

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