Thursday, August 9, 2007

Wembley's Adventure to TN

Mike got me a stuffed Wembley from the Fraggle Rock show. I loved that show!! So I took him with us when we did our driving trip to TN. The first picture is around 6:30 am before we left and the second one was around 2pm after we got back to the house after Daniel's football game. So stay tuned to see where else Wembley might show up next!

2007 State Fair Entry List

Well I am feeling as crazy as ever this year on my want to complete list for this years fair. So here goes.... Baby bootie set, baby hat, baby bib, felted purse, stuffed animal (under 12"), stuffed animal (over 12"), hat, 1 color afghan, 3 or more color afghan, varigated afghan, baby afghan and a picture in the amateur photo competition.

I completed the 1 color afghan last night. It is called the snapdragon stitch afghan done in Frosty Green (used 5.5 skeins). Here is a upclose picture of the pattern. The stitch is based on square #56 in the Easy to crochet 63 pattern stitches book.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Golden Compass

Starting Up Again...

I really enjoyed doing my last blog so much that I am starting a new one. I have been crocheting like a mad woman working on my way too many state fair entries. They are all due the end of September and I have 1 item completely done, 1 that needs decorations added and another one that needs two more rows and then the edging.

Mike and I are traveling to TN to see his son this weekend so I will get to work on squares for Online Angels on the 7 hour trip back and forth. And I thought I was not going to make anything this month for Mary. I only need 50 more hours to get my silver presidents volunteer award for this year so these squares will help.