Friday, July 24, 2009

Garden Surprise

Well just about everything has died off in the veggie pool. All except for the gourds and squash. I went to water last night and found that there were cucumbers coming back up where the dead ones were. I had planted the entire package of seeds so I guess since there was room the seeds below started growing.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Dr. Who Scarf Update

Worked on the scarf a bit this weekend in between matting and framing 12 pictures and crocheting two more layers of the cake for October. I totaled up the total rows that this scarf is going to have when I am done. There are 832 rows total....somebody help me! I have 254 rows done with 578 rows to go.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Busting box of yarn...

Here is the box from Craft, Etc.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Let them eat fake cake!

Here is the fake cake base for my crocheted cake. The yarn arrived today so I will be starting on some of the layers this weekend. Going to start from the smaller one and work my way down. Will post updates as they occur.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Big box arrived today!!

The first of many boxes arrived today at work. This picture was my inspiration for the November show at Visual Art Exchange. I am going to crochet the different layers in Halloween themed colors. The yarn I am going to use is from Hobby Lobby called I Love This Yarn. It is great to work with and it is very soft. The decorations are going to be Halloween characters cut out of old vinyl records and I am going to hang them from wire and line from the top layer. I have been wanting to try wire crochet so I am going to make some kind of decoration for the smaller layer of the cake. The cake itself will be around 19 inches high with out the wire decorations. I found some glow in the dark rubber ducks online that I am going to get to add to the top of the cake as well and to put on the board for decorations. Will use kabob sticks to attach the different layers together. I am going to take pictures along this crazy journey of my crocheted cake. I have until September 28, 2009 to have it done and over to VAE.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Beginning State Fair Projects

Found the pattern for the Dr. Who scarf for the third doctor in the series. Just had to make one since the piece of art I won at the Charlotte Comic Con was Dr. Who themed. I am on color change number four. Had to improvise on the colors a bit because I could not find some of the required colors.

Next, will be a crochet sock monkey. Found a pattern without any picture to follow so will see how that will go. I received a yarn donation from a co-worker that I am going to use for part of the monkey. She gave me yellow and green baby yarn and they look really good held together. So I am going to use soft white for the head, mouth, hands and feet area and the color combo for the body.

At my boyfriend's request, I came up with a chart for the snake eyes tattoo to crochet on a hat. Was pretty easy so just have to do a test hat to see how it looks to see if I want to enter it into the fair.

Second option on the hat front is a pattern I have had my eye on for a while. It looks like a birthday cake. Will use it for at the office for your monthly party for the birthday girl/boy after the fair.

And lastly, will be my idea for a baby hat. Just try to win the blue ribbon again since I only got third place last year. I found bits and pieces from three patterns to play around with my idea for the hat. Will fill in later with more details...don't want to give the competition a leg up just in

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Rust Bucket Has It!!

Had to wait until almost noon to find out that my picture Rust Bucket Club made it into the Seeing Red show at Visual Art Exchange. Pam and Penny at work also got a piece into the show as well. Enterprise power!!!