Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's Snowing!!!!

It is finally snowing here in North Carolina!!! It took me 1.5 hours to get into work but I made it. Getting home might be another question. But my mom lives near by so I can crash there if I need too.

I made myself a fun fur scarf over the weekend. I had given last years away and had not made myself a new one yet. Came in handy today. I found some Christmas stockings still at Wal-Mart for $.50 each so will have another box full of them for Mary at Online Angels in my next mailing. Got some candy canes too.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Its cold outside!!

The news said it was 17 degrees out this morning. I would say it was more like 12 out where I live. Didn't see any black ice on the way in thank goodness. Did get some bad news from the house, the water stopped running. So that means the well is frozen. Hopefully does not crack the well head. Not a very good two days after birthday problem.

A formula to live by...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Today is your birthday!!!!

Today is my birthday!!! I can't believe that I am actually turning 40! I don't feel that old so that goes to show that age is only a number. Have been celebrating since yesterday when my co-workers surprised me with a veggie tray (my request) and a small cake. Tonight on my actual birthday Mike is taking me to dinner. Then on Thursday Mike is taking me to the Hurricanes hockey game. Then on Friday I will be having dinner with my mom at Cracker Barrel.

After last nights game I sure hope the Canes do better at home. I will have to find my lucky hat to wear to see if I can change their mojo. It is a cool jesters hat I got on my first trip to New Orleans. I wore it while watching games at home and the Canes and the Ducks both won the Stanley Cup in the finals. Come on magic hat!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I am a college student again!!!

I have gone back to college to get my Optician's License. I will be able to dispense glasses and contacts when I am done. Hopefully with already having a BA degree I can take some of the completion time off with course work I have already done. The classes are so cool!! They are done online and once the labs start, I will go in one day a month to learn something new and show what I have been working on the previous month. This semester is a math class and an anatomy of the eye course.

Friday, January 9, 2009

What a night bowling!!

Last night at my bowling league I bowled like a crazy woman. My current average is 150 but I have been lucky to get in the 140 range back before Christmas. We had two weeks off for Christmas and New Years. I ended up bowling a 191-177-193. My team won 3 out of four games. We have almost caught up to the first place team. We are now only 1/2 a game behind them. The league goes until the end of March so there is still time to catch them.

I have started working on a shawl out of some cool yarn I got online. It is called Lighthouse Waves and it is a wool/soy blend. I did not see the blend when ordering it online and was going to make a baby blanket out of it but since you can not wash this stuff in a machine decided to make the shawl instead. It is doing a neat striping effect and reminds me of cotton candy in a way. Will have to take a picture of my progress so far. Did a bunch last night at bowling while waiting for my turn.