Friday, January 11, 2013

2013 NC State Fair Crochet Entries

It is never too soon to start working on my projects for this October.  I am almost done with my second project as we speak, baby sweater, done in pink, brown and white.  Here are some progress pictures:

I was good on this project and went shopping for the yarn in my stash which made honey very happy.  When I told him I did not have to by any yarn for this project I believe he said "thank god!"  Is having a bunch of yarn such a big problem????  :)  I am going to have to block this project for sure to make sure it looks perfect.  I am so wanting another blue ribbon.  It has been since 2007 so please, please, please.

Yesterday I went to AC Moore and purchased the yarn for my next fair project.  Used my gift card I got for Christmas and a bonus point coupon and came home with 5 skeins of Homespun in a pretty purple color.  I plan on making the Seraphina shawl that can be found on the Crochetville website.

I took Monday off for my birthday and plan on starting the shawl.  From reading the pattern it looks like I could maybe finish it in one day if I am lucky.  **Fingers crossed**

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