Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday Picture

Have missed a few Thursday's lately.  Was only able to get one picture tonight and it looks pretty good to me.  More teeth are coming in...chomp chomp!

Special Order Sock Monkey Completed

This one has been fun to make.  Little Noah's Dad is in the military so went with the camo yarn and made him a special ops monkey with the black hat.  He goes to his new home tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Special Order - Sock Monkey

One of my co-workers like the sock monkey I made for the NC State Fair so much he asked for a military themed one for a friend who was having a baby boy.  Just have to make the felt piece with Noah's name and birth date on it then I can finish the body and attach the head.  I played around with the hat and made this guy a Special Ops soldier.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Joanne enjoying the slide

Just got these pictures from Rachel.  Looks like we have to start looking for a slide / swing set for the backyard.  Just have to get rid of all those prickle weeds.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Baby Sherlock Hat - Completed!!

Finished my last state fair entry today on my lunch hour.  This hat turned out so cute!  Will have to try it on Joanne to see if she can wear it after the fair ends.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sock Monkey done started another project!

Okay somebody stop me!  I decided to make another project for the NC State Fair.  Nothing like a little pressure and time crunch.  Found a cute baby hat pattern by Debbie Stoller at Stitich Nation called Baby Sherlock Hat.  It has cute ear flaps and a flap in the front.  I am using some Fall colors, orange and brown on this hat.  Here are some pictures of my progress so far:

Hat done with all the stitch markers in for the different flaps.

One flap completed on my lunch hour today.  This is not the true color of the yarn.  Looks weird on my desk for some reason.

I found some cute orange buttons to use for the front flap.  I think this just might fit Joanne by the time the fair is over.  Will have to try it on her tonight if she is willing.

Here is the sock monkey with his eyes and mouth glued on.  Not totally happy with the cutting job on his eyes but he is done.  Must use safety eyes on the next one with white felt around for the eyes.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Sock Monkey Progress

Having problems sewing on the buttons for his eyes.  Next time I must remind myself to sew them on before attaching the head or use safety eyes next time.  The pattern calls for french knots so will try that and see how it looks.  Only had to sew his right arm on three different times.  Getting things even was not easy it kept slipping down.

Here is a link to the pattern I used from Red Heart: Sock Monkey and Baby Hat Pattern

Thursday's Pictures

Last night our internet was not wanting to open up anything so here are Joanne's pictures from yesterday.

Look at those curls!

After a day of playing outside getting dirty and getting dinner all over her, we hit the bathtub after a little playtime after dinner.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

One more project for this year's State Fair

I was just going to stop with the hat and shawl for this year's NC State Fair but Mike insisted that I make something else.  So I found a third pattern for a sock monkey on Red Heart's website and decided to try this one.  The previous two attempts on patterns I found did not go well.  But this time I got the leg joining to work and he looks great so far.  Here are some pictures of his progression.

Here are the pieces to be sewn together with the correct color head this time.

Here he is without his arms, eyes and mouth.

Here is my little oops on this pattern.  I printed out a black and white version of the pattern and misread the color choice for his head.  Silly me!

All I have left to make is his little hat.  I am going to use small black buttons for his eyes.  I am toying with the idea of crocheting a small white circle for the button to sit in so you can see his eyes better.  If I do this, I will have to wait until next Christmas to give him to Joanne because of the buttons.  She is putting everything in her mouth and I don't want her to swallow one of the buttons.  Also need to look up how to do a satin stitch for the mouth.  Have not done that before.  But I have really enjoyed this pattern and would make this guy again.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Bath Puff Completed

Here is the first bath puff I am making for our craft fair here in the building next month.  The proceeds from the craft fair will go to charity.  I love Priscilla Hewitt patterns!!!  So easy to follow.  Thank goodness for the way back machine site that stored the pattern.  I am going to make about of a dozen of them in various colors.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Queenie Beanie - Completed

Finally brought the bag with the hat in from out of the car.  Just have to make up the test swatch to go with it and the hat is ready for the fair.  I really love the green and the white braid just pops off of the hat.  If I make one again, I will leave one round off so it does not completely cover the ears.

Front of the hat.

Back of the hat

Thursday's Picture

I am going to try to remember to post Joanne's weekly picture on the blog.  We have taken her picture every Thursday since she was born on 05-20-10.  Have only missed one Thursday so far.  She was sick, I was sick, taking a picture was the last thing either one of us wanted to do.

So here is Miss J this morning before the doctor's visit and the three shots.  I could only put her down long enough to make her dinner and that was all.