Friday, August 24, 2012

Green Hat from Hell!

I decided to try to make something traditional that the judges at the NC State Fair would like this year instead of my usual crazy ideas for my adult hat entry.  I have been trying to make this pattern: garden party crochet hat and after attempt number four, this thing is headed for my finish later pile.  And it only get this classification because someone at work wants this hat after the fair.  When I finally get it done, I just might give it to her since I seriously hate this thing now!

Progression of the hat from hell.

Excitement in the beginning
Moving along nicely.
Almost done.
Way too big!!!!
Frogging away!
Trying again.
Torn it out to the first seven rounds this time. :(
Looking better but I am just not sure.
I am going back to my original plan of crocheting something using colored plastic bags cut into strips.  I am going to use the pattern for this Red Heart Free Pattern: Mad Willy Hat.  The base of the hat will be in a pretty magenta and then the band will be in a pink.  Found the colored bags at the fixture supply store right by my office.