Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hockey Surprise and Hot Pink Yarn Saturday

For an early birthday present, my boyfriend got tickets for the morning practice sessions for the Hurricanes on Saturday. He told me we were going to meet someone at the fair grounds to look at a lot of toys we might buy for your inventory. When he blew past the exit for the fair grounds I got curious. Then we got off at the exit for the RBC Center and he gave me the tickets and he said gottcha!!! So we got to watch the practices from about the 8th row up from the glass and towards the end, I got to sit right on the glass and watch Colorado's goalie practice. Took lots of pictures. Got to have lots of hot chocolate and a few pears.

Then we went to the flea market at the fair grounds. There was a vender there I had not seen before. They were selling yarn!!!! Like I don't have enough already right. They sold mills ends and were having a special. The bags were $2 each and the hot pink bags were $1 each. They had 3 to 4 skeins in the bags. We were talking and I said I would probably make chemo caps with the pink yarn and they gave me 2 free bags on top of my purchase. Wooo Hooo!! Went back by again and got 4 more bags for 2 dollars. They are getting a new shipment in and needed to get rid of the yarn.

So I am going to split the pink chemo caps between OA and the cancer center at Duke in Durham.

I got to work on a test bag I am going to try to felt. It is going to be a small day purse/bag made from two 12 inch granny squares. Then I will make a handle that can go across from one shoulder and lay on the opposite hip. We are doing two shows in February and will try to have some bags made to sell. Plan on giving OA 15% of the money raised towards the building fund.

Then we got to go to the game that night. Unfortunately, the Canes let the game go and they lost but I still had a great day!!