Saturday, July 28, 2012

SuperWHYLive Performance Review - Raleigh, NC

We took Joanne to her first performance on Tuesday to see Super Why Live at the Progress Energy Center in Raleigh, NC.  She did much better than I thought she would.  The show got started a little late since they were waiting for everyone to get in their seats.  Joanne had to run around the area we were in until the show got started. 

Our original seats were off on the side at a sharp angle to the stage.  Even with the booster seats the theater had available it was hard for Joanne to see the complete stage.  Joanne and I did a quick diaper check before the show got started.  The employee that took our tickets when we were looking for our seats said that there was a Women's restroom near by our seats.  I thought this was going to be a great thing.  And much to my surprise when we went in there was not changing station available in the huge restroom.  This never bother me before having a child but these things only cause about $300 dollars each so put them in your darn bathroom people!  So I ended up changing her on the counter ledge which she was not completely thrilled about.  When we got back to our seats Mike said that the staff had come up and we could move down to empty seats on the main floor if we wanted to get a better view of the show.  It was too close to the start of the show so we waited for the break 
to move down.
The show was very cute with great music and a fun story for the kids to follow.  You can tell Raleigh was towards the beginning of the tour because they are still working out some kinks.  Princess Presto kept loosing her extra hair piece with the crown after they transformed.  Super Why had to help her put the hair back on after the second time it fell off.  And there were a few times in the dance routine the characters bumped into each other.  The screen they used for the transitions was really amazing.  I think Joanne's favorite part of the show was Princess Presto's rock star princess performance.  She was clapping and laughing the entire time.  

After the performance we went to get ice cream at Cold Stone by the house before getting the little one off to bed.  She enjoyed her chocolate kids cup very much.

All in all it was a fun family evening out.  If you get a chance to take your kids to see the SuperWhyLive show if it comes into your town I would get tickets because the show is worth it.  
Princess P dreaming.

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