Monday, July 23, 2012

Crochet Weekend

On Saturday, Mike and Joanne left for Hickory to go to a toy show for the day.  I got some much needed alone time that every parent needs from time to time.  I got the yard mowed, listed product on our Amazon storefront, did laundry and then got to crochet!!!  I decided to work on some of my other fair projects that I have been dying to try.

This was such a blast to make and it was done in no time.  Did not see in the instructions that she used elastic lace for the band, so I have to go looking for some to finish off the headband.

I usually stay away from making any kind of clothing except for hats because my gauge is usually way off but I just had to try this one.  It is going to be in pink, off white and purple.  Will post more pictures as I progress through this project.

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