Monday, November 21, 2011

Sweet Mocha Sock Monkey for Joanne

Since I had to give away the sock monkey I made for the NC State Fair because I glued the eyes and mouth on instead of sewing them, I have started a new one for Miss J.  I am doing a pattern change up from the Red Heart sock monkey pattern to the basic sock monkey pattern in my copy of Monkey Business by Patons.  This pattern is working up great now that I have learned to be really careful on the round where you start the body by crocheting around the legs.  I went back and counted the stitches twice before continuing. 

Yarn I am using for the Sweet Mocha Sock Monkey.

The first leg of the sock monkey.  Funny how the colors made a stripe pattern.

Body section about half way done in this picture.

Since the monkey is turning out much larger that I had envisioned, must go off to AC Moore today at lunch to get some larger gauge safety eyes so I can get them attached and start closing up the monkey's head.  Keeping my fingers crossed that I will not run out of the Sweet Mocha yarn.  Still have two arms, one tail and four ear pieces left to make. 

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