Thursday, November 3, 2011

Grammie's been shopping

Joanne's Grammie is been busy Christmas shopping over the last few weeks.  Boy oh boy is Miss J going to have fun.  

 Radio Flyer Girl's Big Flyer

I think this one is to torture Mommy.  LOL  I had one of these as a kid and ran this thing until it fell apart.   I can remember mine have a big chunk missing from the front wheel but I kept on riding.  My Mom says she can track me through the neighborhood by the noise it made.

Sophie Rose Animal-Print Fleece Jacket

Grammie always gets her something pink and with animal print on it somehow.  Lets just say Miss J will not be hurting for a coat this winter.  Very cute!


 Fisher Price Roll Along Musical Pony

This is very cute and she can ride it in the house and out on the back deck.  Think she is set for pink things this year.  LOL


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