Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Testing for my 2012 NC State Fair Afghan Project

After giving myself some time to get over not finishing my last monster afghan for the fair I have started working on an idea I came up with for next years competition.  I saw a picture of a quilt done in the fence rail pattern I really liked and decided to try crocheting something similar.   The quilt has rough edges where the blocks are attached together so I am making a single crochet edging around each rectangle that will stand up to imitate the rough edge.   There will be 40 rectangles in the afghan so I will pick 20 colors to used for this project.  Nothing like getting to go yarn shopping!  I am thinking of using 5 varigated and 15 solids.  I have not decided on a color scheme yet.   Here are some pictures of the test rectangles I have made.  I am going to go with the second one done in single crochet.

First test - done in the Trish Stitch

Second test - done in single crochet

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