Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sock Monkey done started another project!

Okay somebody stop me!  I decided to make another project for the NC State Fair.  Nothing like a little pressure and time crunch.  Found a cute baby hat pattern by Debbie Stoller at Stitich Nation called Baby Sherlock Hat.  It has cute ear flaps and a flap in the front.  I am using some Fall colors, orange and brown on this hat.  Here are some pictures of my progress so far:

Hat done with all the stitch markers in for the different flaps.

One flap completed on my lunch hour today.  This is not the true color of the yarn.  Looks weird on my desk for some reason.

I found some cute orange buttons to use for the front flap.  I think this just might fit Joanne by the time the fair is over.  Will have to try it on her tonight if she is willing.

Here is the sock monkey with his eyes and mouth glued on.  Not totally happy with the cutting job on his eyes but he is done.  Must use safety eyes on the next one with white felt around for the eyes.

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