Thursday, September 8, 2011

One more project for this year's State Fair

I was just going to stop with the hat and shawl for this year's NC State Fair but Mike insisted that I make something else.  So I found a third pattern for a sock monkey on Red Heart's website and decided to try this one.  The previous two attempts on patterns I found did not go well.  But this time I got the leg joining to work and he looks great so far.  Here are some pictures of his progression.

Here are the pieces to be sewn together with the correct color head this time.

Here he is without his arms, eyes and mouth.

Here is my little oops on this pattern.  I printed out a black and white version of the pattern and misread the color choice for his head.  Silly me!

All I have left to make is his little hat.  I am going to use small black buttons for his eyes.  I am toying with the idea of crocheting a small white circle for the button to sit in so you can see his eyes better.  If I do this, I will have to wait until next Christmas to give him to Joanne because of the buttons.  She is putting everything in her mouth and I don't want her to swallow one of the buttons.  Also need to look up how to do a satin stitch for the mouth.  Have not done that before.  But I have really enjoyed this pattern and would make this guy again.

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