Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ugly Hat Project

It was so ugly looking outside today that it inspired me to try and crochet an ugly hat. Went digging in my yarn stash and picked two colors that I thought would never look good together. The two colors I picked were TLC Essentials: Island and Simply Soft: Embroidery Print. The TLC yarn is in soft pastels and the SS yarn is bright rainbow colors. Which equals ugly right??

Well much to my surprise as I kept crocheting more and the hat kept getting bigger, and bigger I am thinking to myself this is not too bad. Now how can these two colors together be not bad??? It turns out that the lighter varigated yarn compliments the brighter rainbow colors. I found my pom pom makers the other weekend so I am going to make on to go on top to finish off the so called ugly look of this hat. The completed item will be donated to Mary at Online Angels. Here is what the hat looks like so far. I believe I have 6 rounds done so far using a J hook.

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