Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Frogging is done

Well after three people told me how bad my shawl was it is now a bunch of little balls again. Figured that if the general public did not like it, then the judges at the state fair would want to burn the darn thing or something. I decided to make a wrap this time instead of a shawl since the yarn is looking a bit abused from the frogging process. Will post a picture of the one ball I have worked into the new project tonight.

Bought some planters today on my lunch hour for the deck. I am going to plant all of those bulbs that have been sitting in the bottom drawer of the frig. Lets hope they are still good. If not, will get some seeds or something else to put in them. The store had some snapdragon plants as well. Going to plant them in some pots I bought last year on either side of my front door.

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