Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Today is your birthday!!!!

Today is my birthday!!! I can't believe that I am actually turning 40! I don't feel that old so that goes to show that age is only a number. Have been celebrating since yesterday when my co-workers surprised me with a veggie tray (my request) and a small cake. Tonight on my actual birthday Mike is taking me to dinner. Then on Thursday Mike is taking me to the Hurricanes hockey game. Then on Friday I will be having dinner with my mom at Cracker Barrel.

After last nights game I sure hope the Canes do better at home. I will have to find my lucky hat to wear to see if I can change their mojo. It is a cool jesters hat I got on my first trip to New Orleans. I wore it while watching games at home and the Canes and the Ducks both won the Stanley Cup in the finals. Come on magic hat!!!

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