Friday, January 24, 2014

Granny square baby blanket for the NC State Fair

This year I am trying to use the yarn I have on hand to crochet my projects for the NC State Fair this year.  This makes Mr. M very happy!  :)  I wanted to make a colorful baby blanket this year and I was originally going to do a corner to corner blanket.    I was inspired by someone that I found on Facebook that is a yarn bomber in California.   He is trying to crochet the world's largest granny square as well as planning a very large yarn bombing project later this year.  So I found a rectangle granny square pattern and started my blanket.  Below are pictures of the progress it took to complete the blanket.  It only took me a week to make so I am so on fire this year getting my projects done.

The six colors I picked from my yarn stash.
Yarn status half way through the blanket.
Blanket is complete.  Just have to sew in the tails.
Yarn that was left over at the end of the blanket.

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