Friday, December 23, 2011

Sock Monkey Designs

I still dream of sock monkey ideas from time to time.  Right now I am working on monkey's in the superhero theme.  I really like the look of the old Super Friends heroes so I am starting with this series.

Right now I have Batman and Wonder Woman worked out on my design sheet.  For the logos and detail work on the uniforms, I am going to have to use felt pieces for the first time.  The yellow wings, headband and white stars on Wonder Woman's costume will be too difficult to crochet on so I will have to make a template once I have the monkey crocheted.  The Batman bat emblem will be done in felt also.

Last night Mike suggested that I make a sock monkey based on the Tardis from Dr. Who.  Not too sure how that one would turn out.  Might trying drawing up something to see how it looks. 

It is kind of funny me mentioned something Dr. Who related because the idea for a Dalek themed sock monkey came to me that day too.  Could use bobble stitches on the legs to make the circles on the base of the Dalek's body.  This is another one I really need to think about. 

Here are some more ideas floating around my crazy sock monkey loving brain:
  1. Santa 
  2. V from V for Vendetta
  3. Hellboy
  4. Spawn
  5. Beaker
  6. Silver Surfer
  7. Angelina Ballerina (one of Joanne's favs)
  8. And a few others I can not list as they will be presents

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

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