Monday, May 9, 2011

First State Fair Project Done!!!

This wrap has been quite the adventure. Nothing like almost being completely done with the shawl I first made and then have everyone I show it to tell me how ugly it was. So I frogged this thing and got 10 balls of yarn back out to start again on something else. I tried a couple of different patterns but could not get them to work out right. This made me want to just throw the stupid yarn away and say for get this! But I tried one more time and used a stitch I learned from a friend years ago. It is a variation on the double crochet but I am not sure what the correct name of the stitch is so I have called it the Trish Stitch. When you are doing the double crochet and have three loops on your hook, you drop the second loop and then finish the double crochet. There is a chain one in between the double crochets so it gives it a mesh look. I took pictures yesterday, just have to get them off of the camera after Joanne goes to sleep tonight.

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