Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sleepy Saturday

Joanne is asleep, daddy is asleep and I am awake playing on the computer and crocheting on the baby blanket I am making for Online Angels. Think the little one is starting to wake up soon.

Waiting for the gutter guy to get here to pick out the color we are going to use on the new gutters for the house. Also need to clean the hardwoods today. Might do that after the visit and when Joanne takes her big nap later this morning.

Had a great birthday yesterday. Mike surprised me with a sitter for Joanne and then dinner and a movie. It has been since I was still pregnant that I was able to sit in the front passenger seat. We went to Red Hot and Blues for dinner and then went to see The Tourist at the theater in Garner. Waiting for Mike to get up to open my presents. We did not get back until late and I was too sleepy to appreciate the presents.

Well I have little eyes staring up at me from the floor so someone is awake now. Lets go and get the daddy up!

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