Friday, February 6, 2009

What I have been working on lately

With school and other stuff, crocheting has been a mini luxury. I finished this hat to send to Mary at Online Angels. I held a strand of white and strand of a cool varigated with purples and pinks. It turned out really cute.

There is also the neverending shawl I working on for the state fair this year. I found a really wool/soy blend yarn on sale online. It is called Lighthouse Waves and the color is called Dusty Rose. I originally bought 13 balls and that was not enough if you could believe that!! So luckily it was still on sale so I bought 5 more balls and I hope that will be enough to finish. If not, then where it ends will be the I will take a picture of it later once I have a flat space to lay it out on.

School is going well. I got a 87.5 on my first eye anatomy test. The average score was 88 so not bad. I know how the instructor tests now so I know what to expect. I am learning the metric system in the math class. It has been years and I boo booed on my last test putting the decial in the wrong directing when doing some conversion between m and mm. Need to work on that a bit more.

I has snowed twice in the last 3 three weeks here in NC. It is pretty to look at and thank goodness it does not stay too long. Here are some pictures on the snow.

This was at work in the parking lot.

This was my car with snow on it.

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