Friday, October 3, 2008

Going shopping!!

Enough people have bugged me to do it so I am going to go and get one tonight. I have been showing my pictures to some of my co-workers that are artists as well and they all think that I need to get a portfolio together to show a local gallery they know of that displays local photographers. I found a local art supply store near my office so after work I will go and see what they have available. Then I have to decide on which pictures to have enlarged for the portfolio. I think I will get two, one for black and whites and one for color photos.

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Sandy said...

I love your photos! I see we share common interests: Photography & crocheting! I noticed you entered the NC fair & did very well (your work is beautiful!) I am entering some baby items this year & am very nervous. I have never ever entered or sold anything I have made, but I am slowly getting up my nerve. I am entering a christening gown. I would love some tips if you care to share your experiences. If you are entering this year, I wish you the best of luck. You are quite talented (both as a crocheter & photographer!)